Travel Tips for Students During Their Gap Year

Before picking where to vacation, it’s essential to consider your budget since specific destinations are much more affordable than others. If your money is limited, stick to cheaper destinations such as South America and Asia. Countries such as the United States of America, New Zealand, Australia, and the United Kingdom, as well as the rest of Europe, are all typically more expensive owing to their currencies’ strength and so rapidly deplete your money.

There is no reason why you cannot visit them if you are planning a round-the-world journey, but you should keep your trips to these nations short to save money. South America, Indonesia, Thailand, and India are inexpensive vacation destinations due to the low cost of food and lodging outside major cities.

Student Gap Year Travel Tips

The most costly component is almost certainly your airfare. You may discover some affordable round-the-world airline packages for your gap year vacation via travel brokers — do a fast Internet search to locate several organizations selling airline packages that include between four and twenty trips on a single 12-month ticket.

Another factor to consider is what you want to accomplish throughout your gap year travel trip. Do you like volunteering? Are you interested in learning a language? Or are you wanting to socialize with folks from all around the world? What you’re looking for will dictate the finest spots to visit. Suppose you’re interested in learning a second language. In that case, South America is an excellent destination to spend a few months since the whole continent, save for Brazil, speaks Spanish, providing enough opportunity to practice.

There are specialized gap year volunteering programs available, but they are often rather pricey. Several websites provide information on groups with which you may volunteer and how to get there. It’s ideal if you’re unsure of your destination until you’ve left since you can go online and contact them as you travel to organize volunteer time. Again, South America, Thailand, and India are ideal locations for this.

Tips for Student Gap Year Travel

Before you go, create a Skype account and ensure that all of your close relatives and friends do the same. Skype is a free internet phone, and you may use it to make free internet calls to other Skype users. It’s a fantastic method of communication. Additionally, you may like to create a blog to keep everyone informed of your whereabouts. It serves as an excellent record of your journey and a safety net since if you are not heard from for an extended period, people will know where you have been.

Ascertain that you have all of your visas and passports in order well in advance of your departure. The last thing you want is for items to be delayed because you haven’t received your replacement ticket or cannot enter a country due to a lack of a visa.

Before you go, gather knowledge regarding money and language. If you’re planning a round of the globe, make sure you do this for at least the first nation. You may do a preliminary study on each state as you go. While you may choose to get some of the local currency before departure, it usually is more cost-effective to get the new cash after you arrive. American dollars and the British pound sterling are precious in developing nations. Be cautious of street touts who may attempt to offer you counterfeit currency. Wherever possible, use appropriate change bureaus, which are located in the majority of towns and cities.

Tips for Student Gap Year Travel

If you want to save money while you’re abroad, consider staying at campgrounds or hostels, which are the cheapest alternatives. Due to the increased popularity of international travel, several traveler hostels are currently located across the globe.

Most importantly, always have your wits about you and employ common sense everywhere you go. Avoid wandering out in the dark alone and intoxicated. Always inform someone of your whereabouts, even hostels. Make an effort to maintain relationships. If you go alone, you’re likely to make friends, so make an effort to remain around others as often as possible; it’s safer than being alone.


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