Gap Year Travel – The Art of Saving Money

the Art of Saving Money
the Art of Saving Money

Taking a gap year is an incredible experience. For many individuals, the year between high school and the university is their last chance to travel. You get entangled in your profession and find it very hard to satisfy your urge to get on an aircraft. Disappear for months at a time and experience what it’s like to suffer from the various horrible bowel-related disorders together referred to as Delhi Belly.

The Art of Saving Money

However, when it comes to traveling, the primary issue confronting individuals in gap years and those taking a year off work is money. Some individuals have affluent parents who are prepared to throw up absurd amounts that will sustain them with food for a whole year, while others have parents who are glad to help, and many others lack both of those advantages. When I chose to take a gap year, I used a variety of fundraising methods.

Rather than saving at home, consider keeping overseas.

Many of my friends in South America, where I spent six months of my gap year, had worked hard in England since leaving school to save up for their journey overseas. On the other hand, I took no such action. Yes, I worked hard to save money, but I did it in the dry, scorching farmlands of Australia’s Hunter Valley. As a result, my first costs were limited to my travel and Australian visa.

I was fortunate to have an uncle who managed a stud farm in Australia, and due to my knowledge of horses, I was hired without an interview. That is not to suggest that I would have gone out on a limb without my uncle. The Hunter Valley, where I worked, is famed for its horses and wine. While I spent my days watching thoroughbred stallions make mad love to the mares, others toiled in the vines nearby. Thus, regardless of familial ties, one may immediately travel over and get employment.


While my sole costs were for the airfare and visa to Australia, I did attempt to gather funds for the remainder of my trip before leaving, which I accomplished via the organization of an event. It aided my case that my vacation to Ecuador included volunteer activity and may be seen as charitable.

Regardless, people were willing to give me money as long as I provided them with something in exchange, a party. The entrance price of ten pounds, cash bar, live band (friends), hot food (on my dime), and a promises auction and raffle

My mum was an artist who gladly auctioned off a painting. I was aware of a driving teacher who would donate a driving lesson. I scoured the area and discovered a sizable number of quality auction goods, and my guests, properly greased with wine, bid liberally. Following this fantastic party, when everyone had a wonderful time, I had amassed a sizable sum that I used to fund my South American extravaganza.

Numerous other means of fundraising

There are always creative methods to raise funds. If there is anything that can be sold, list it on eBay or Gumtree, or bring it to a car boot sale. If you are a stay-at-home parent, you must work incredibly hard for six weeks. Maintain two jobs, one full-time during the day and one part-time throughout the evening. If you are not paying rent, purchasing food, or going out often, you will save quite a bit of money in six weeks.

As with the promises auction, much can be accomplished with a bit of inventiveness. Organize a concert if you’re in a band or know someone who is. Produce a play. Organize a weekly film night in the back room of a pub; the pub receives a quarter of the admission charge in addition to bar proceeds. There are several techniques.


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